Will Gift Cards be extended due to the current pandemic?

Any gift vouchers that were purchased prior to the temporary closure of the restaurant have been extended by 3 months which will be reviewed in line with the Government guidelines. Your voucher has been automatically renewed in our system and extended by 3 months.

What happens if I am not able to use the Gift Card (after the 3 months extension) as restaurants remain closed or less people are allowed to dine due to social distancing?

We will continue evaluating the situation in line with the Government guidelines and take extra actions to ensure our guests are able to enjoy their experience.

What happens if I buy a Gift Card while your restaurant is still closed?

Please note, any gift vouchers or experiences purchased during our temporary closure due to COVID-19 will have no expiry date shown on the gift voucher but they will begin their validity from a defined date once the restaurant reopens which will be published on our website. Your gift voucher will have a 12 month validity from that date and the expiry date will be added to our system at this time.